Nice to see you in the most beautiful city in Ukraine Lviv. Lvov is the city of numerous historical places. Lviv is the ancient capital of the principality of Galich. We advise all guests to start the tour via Lviv from the centre. To observe all places of interests in a short period is unreal. The first sight you will encounter along the way is Shevchenko avenue, which is very popular, as for locals, as well as the guests of the city. Secondly all visitors need to visit is the Church of Mary Snezhnaya. Month after months many of of foreigners get to Lviv. Lviv offers a great number of excellent hotels. All needful info about hotels in Lviv the clients may look over on present website. On the page of our online service we are happy to offer on-line booking Lviv hotels. If the visitors of Lviv want to stay in Lviv apartments for daily rent, our staffs are able to support you to select and reserve fully furnished and equipped Lviv apartments. In our site's pages you cam always see look at the gallery Lviv apartments for rent, with our photo album of apartments. Apartments for short-term rent in Lviv are situated in convenient areas in unique Lviv. All apartment in Lvov for daily rent are perfectly equipped. For the convenience of our customers in each apartment in Lviv has the necessary equipment: Satellite TV, Internet access, air conditioner, washing machine, iron, hair dryer. The kitchen also has all the necessary accessories. For the guests from other countries nice to offer the servises of translator and guide. At any time you are able to make excursion about Lviv, and during your tour, you'll learns something new, and imbued with the unique atmosphere of the beautiful city of Lviv.

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