Before to go somewhere we always thinking about accommodation. When you go to the Europe or North America all is very simple. You know what you have in your pocket, you know well your needs. Now World became much different, then it was before last World crisis. Majority of people before crisis almost never complain about accommodation. It was hotels. But now in East Europe develop very fast apartment service. This type of accommodation is cheaper and more comfortable. During your travel to Ukraine first you have to understand. Apartments in Kiev and hotels in Kiev is two big different things.
If you visit Ukraine 10 Years ago - you can remember, then hotels and apartments in Kiev was very simple, furniture mainly was made by simple Soviet standards. Right now many Hotels invest money to renovation, because in competition with apartments quality of rooms in hotels is always behind. In apartments of Kiev so many perfectly renovated apartments. If before to find flat with Jacuzzi was too rare, now every third apartment in city center have even double Jacuzzi bathtub. You can imagine haw big choice of furniture you can find. In hotels all is the same. All rooms as like eggs from one chick. Only one benefit have big hotels. Big hotels have a Lobby. But also hotels have security, such like to do completely different service, then you probably expect. Life in Kiev, the same as in all Ukraine, very different, then in Europe and other civilized country's. When you coming to Hotel with some of your friends, security always stop customer with one reason. Invite guests in room of Hotel is forbidden. It is for time after 10 pm. Security say, then it is rule, such work in all Hotels in Ukraine. Many times security even say, if you want bring guests in your room, better book an apartment in Kiev.
When you decide to stay in apartment in Kiev, the same in Odessa, Sevastopol, Yalta, or other big city of Ukraine, you can get many benefits. One from this benefits it is freedom. In your Kiev apartments you can invite so many friends as you want. Nobody care. Only concierge will ask to be quiet. For amount of money such will cost room in Hotel in city center of Kiev you can easy get two bedrooms apartment. Of course you have to be very careful with your choice. All pictures will be such a good, description of all apartments always perfect. But reality can be different. Amount of people such visit Kiev really very, very large. All owners and company's can not stop and do a little bit renovation, because people stay in Kiev apartments 7 days per week, 30 days a month.
If you don't want to have any misunderstandings better ask some your friends to check apartment for you. In our company we do renovation minimum once a year. Some company's can do it once in 5 years. If you come to apartment such you find in some site very often you can read some testimonials from customers. When testimonials always good and all is very perfect, you have to be ready to see opposite. In reality all real apartments have positive and negative reviews. Sometime people criticize apartment service because it is not enough secure. But statistic say, then in hotel your personal staff can be stolen more often then in apartment. When you come to apartment in Kiev follow simple rules, as like never leave money and credit cards in room, be sure then you locked door after you leave. As in hotel many apartments have safe. You need to ask about that manager of company. For example our company provide special offer. If customer stay in any our apartment more then twenty days, we free put in apartment our safe. If you want have safe in our apartment, but safe is not there - we can put it on. In apartments such we have always free Wi Fi Internet. Try to get free Internet in Hotel. Manager will give you password only when you pay minimum $5 in hour.
One from the benefits of apartment it is a kitchen. All flats in Kiev have gas cooker and microwave. At home you can do breakfast, lunch and dinner. For people, such stay in Kiev more then 3 or 4 days is very important to cook food on the kitchen. In hotel impossible to make even tea. To do tea or coffee you have bring with you kettle. Or welcome to Lobby and pay 10 times up price, then will be cost for you to make coffee at home. To cook Ukrainian borsch in apartment you need to have only one simple thing. Find right Ukrainian girl and life in our apartment in Kiev became a Paradise.