Demands gives rise to the offer and hotel business in Kiev is not an exception. Today, not only elite 5 star Kiev hotels open their doors for the guests of the capital of Ukraine, but also the hotels of 4-star category which are very popular among businessmen.

Kiev 4-stars hotels

Up-to-date, comfortable 4- stars hotels can satisfy requests of the most demanding and refined guests. It doesn't matter if you need a room for a week of just for one night, European high class standards will wait for you, don't even doubt!
To identify the habitues of 4 star hotels is not difficult - it is people who visit the capital of Ukraine on business matters, the capital which has always been the center of business activity of Ukraine and Europe. That's why the hotels of business-class are never empty because of organized forums, conferences, exhibitions etc. The service of business 4-stars hotels meets all necessary requirements: free internet, wi-fi, TV channel of any country - everything to be informed 24/7 and follow business news.

"President Hotel" - 12 Hospitalnaya str, Kyiv, 01023, Ukraine

"President Hotel" is located in the downtown of Kiev. It has a great territory and extensive service infrastructure. Hotel has 370 comfortable rooms. The wide room base is represented by various room categories to satisfy any type of budget. The hotel is situated 15 minutes walk to the main street of Kiev - Kreshatik.

"Impressa Hotel" - 21 Sagaidachnogo St, 04070, Kiev

Hotel "Impressa" is one of most charming and understated luxury Kiev's hotels. It is located in the historic city of Kiev, in Podil area. "Impressa Hotel" - combines the charm of the historical part of Ukraine capital and European modern design. All rooms are individually decorated and furnished in the high luxury style.

"Diarso" - 5, Velykaya Kiltseva st. 08130, Kyiv, Ukraine

Diarso -new 4-star hotel complex at the Okruzhnaya road in Kiev. The hotel complex "Diarso" occupies a large green territory, which allows us to provide guests of hotels with high-quality nature rest-time right in the Kiev's borders.

4* Senator's Park Hotel

4* Pearl of the Dnieper

4* Natsionalny Hotel

4* Vozdvyzhensky Hotel Hotel

4* hotel Podol Plaza

4* Riviera Hotel on Podol

Ukraine Hotels are our specialty. We provide the key to the best deals on 4-star Hotels in Ukraine. There are 6 of Ukraine Hotels that have been selected to meet our high standards, while getting the best rates available: